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Freaky Trailer Breakdown With Director Christopher Landon

“Genuinely, I had two people on my list that I wanted for this movie and it was Vince and it was Kathryn. It was honestly one of the first times in my career where I got both. Vince is a really big guy. He’s tall, he’s very intimidating, and he’s an incredibly versatile actor. He’s obviously known for his comedies, he’s incredibly sharp and funny, but he’s also someone who can play intense and scary and do that convincingly. I needed somebody like Vince who could really pull off both roles. He does it with such authenticity. I think that’s what works so well about the movie and why his performance is so good in the film, because he’s not playing cute or playing to the comedy of the film, he’s genuine all the way through.

“In terms of preparation and getting into this stuff, both actors made video diaries. I worked with them to make these videos in character, so that they could share it with each other and begin to understand who they were as characters, their physicality, their mannerisms, the way they walk, et cetera. Then once we actually got into pre-production and I had the actors with me, we just started to sit and do a lot of rehearsals together so that they could really understand their characters physically and mentally.”

1.00 – “You’re black, I’m gay, we are so dead!”

“Michael and I tried to really employ the meta stuff very sparingly because we didn’t want it to overtake the movie, but we certainly thought there were appropriate moments to wink at the audience and remind them that we’re all in on this joke together.”

Cryo-chamber death in Freaky trailer

1.27 – Ice Cold Killer

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