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Season 6? This Character Won’t Return

Lucifer is about to end its journey and fans are pretty exciting for the finale season, but first, they have to witness the remaining half of the fifth season. Part 2 of the fifth season could unlock many speculations as God finally made his appearance in the final episode of the first part. Now what’s come ahead for Lucifer and company as he will surely end the feud between his children, and then the story takes new turns.

But we are counting on characters returning for the sixth season as there are many potential contenders that could not be a part of the sixth season. So let’s get away with the possibilities of the omission of some characters and how could it affect the show?


Michael’s roles could be doubtful for the finale season as his fate could be decided in the second half of the fifth season. After God’s appearance, his role is in such imminent danger as now the story revolves around the most mysterious character of the show.

Source: The Sun

Why Michael won’t Return?

As we know the antagonist of every season remains for just one season and currently, Michael is none less than it. So it’s pretty obvious Michael could meet the same fate as Uriel and Lucifer will try to end his life and then it will originate the God Vs Lucifer for the finale season.

Another rebellion will be imminent as Lucifer already enough with his father’s antics and manipulation against him and he will try every possible way to dethrone him and live on earth for all eternity.

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