Switzerland’s 5 Most Beautiful Glaciers

Here on one side, there are beautiful glaciers of ice. Which are covered with a white sheet of snow for eight months in a year. On the other side, there are beautiful green valleys, which are covered with trees with beautiful flowers and colorful leaves. Seeing these natural scenes spread all around, tourists get a heavenly feeling.

Interlaken ost

In this city full of natural beauty, you can meet both the history and present of this country. It is very pleasant to walk on the hills here during sunrise. If you cannot go on foot, then a train goes straight up the hill from here. Don’t miss your ticket and enjoy the view of beautiful Switzerland from the top of the hill.

Glacier Grotto

If you go to Switzerland, then definitely see the Glacier Grotto. There are beautiful caves made of ice here. On the ice walls of these caves, 8, 450 lamps shine. Hall of Fame here. There is also, in which photographs of prominent personalities who have come to Switzerland have been put up.


Apart from the natural beauty, if you are fond of exciting sports then do not forget to visit the Matterhorn. If you are a danger player and want to see the glaciers up close, then membership of the Matterhorn Climbers Club is waiting for you here. This is also the largest ice skiing zone in Europe.


Be sure to admire the beauty of Grönergrt, which is called the paradise of the Alpines. This glacier, which is covered with snow in winter, turns into a valley of flowers in summer. Rigi Folkrolle’s journey will be a memorable one for music lovers. Here the Swiss government gets the music played. In which there are continuous live concerts for seven hours.

Rigi Kulam

This glacier is famous for its blue ink lakes. Even you can reach from Lujerán city by boat, car, cable car. After reaching, don’t forget to take the steam train. This train named ‘Bailey Europe Saloon Rail Car’ will give you a feel of the majestic splendor of the fifties. The antique mahogany furniture, bronze work, red carpet, and background music will transport you to another world.

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