5 Wonders of the World Library

Abbe Library of Set Gallen

This library in Switzerland is considered one of the best libraries in the world. It is the oldest library in Switzerland. It has a collection of about one lakh sixty thousand books. This library is also included in the World Heritage. Its bookcases are artistic and have two stories. There is a curved path to reach these shelves. Along with tourists, tourists also come here in large numbers.

Strahov Library

Located in the Czech Republic, this magnificent library has a collection of about two lakh new and old books. It contains about three thousand manuscripts. It has two very attractive halls which are connected by a walkway. Books related to many subjects including religion, spirituality, literature, culture are available here. The interior ceiling and interior walls are also artistically decorated.

Admont’ Abbe Library

This library was built in the year 1776 in Australia. It is 70 meters long, 14 meters wide, 13 meters high. It is one of the longest libraries in the world. Millions of books are stored in it. Its interior terraces are artistically painted depicting events related to Jesus Christ. The whole complex is very luxurious 22.

BibliothQ National Di France

About five thousand Greek-language manuscripts are preserved in this library located in Paris. Established in the year 1461, this library has a collection of around 14 million books, periodicals, etc. More than two thousand employees are employed here. Inside the library, there is a spacious study hall in the center.

The Library of El Escorial

The library is located in the Escorial Building complex, the residence of the King of Spain. This library is a unique example of Spanish art and construction. Its construction lasted from the year 1563 to 1584. King Philip II established a library here. There are many artistic murals in the building complex. People who come here keep staring at them. The library has books on various subjects including art, literature, culture, mathematics, geography, astronomy, music, grammar.

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