Libya and Semilia are the most dangerous countries

Libya and Somalia have been named the most dangerous countries in the world. A new map designed for tourists in 2020 has marked places that could be dangerous for them. This is called the Travel Risk Map. This map identifies the places which are the worst in terms of road safety, security, and medical services.

These are considered the safest countries: New Map of 2020 Nordic countries like Finland, Norway, and Iceland has been named as the safest places. This map has been issued by International Medical and Security Specialist. Libya and Somalia are placed at the bottom of all three categories, along with Afghanistan and Venezuela, which means they are the most dangerous countries. At the same time, Sweden and Switzerland have been considered as one of the safest countries along with Norway, Finland, and Iceland.

Who’s where in terms of health: Niger, Munia, Syria Leone, Liberia, South Sudan, in terms of the spread of diseases and infections. Eritrea and the Central African Republic are among the worst-hit countries. Apart from this, Yemen, Syria, and North Korea have also been found to be behind in terms of health and treatment. At the same time, most of the European countries, Canada, America, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, and Japan are included in terms of good health and treatment.

Who said in the matter of road safety: All African countries are behind in the matter of road safety. Apart from this, the condition of road safety is also poor in Venezuela, Belize, Dominican Republic, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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