What were the major tasks of World War II?

Terrible destruction and massacre – more than 5 crore people died in this war. Millions of people were injured and homeless. About one crore and two million people lost their lives in torture camps in Germany and Italy. Germany and Russia suffered the most in this war. Apart from this, there is hardly any village left in Poland and Czechoslovakia which has not been destroyed in the war. In countries like France, Belgium, Holland, etc. innumerable people died of hunger and suffering.

Economic – Many nations of Europe had invested their resources in the war, due to which their economy was ruined. About 13 trillion 84 lakh 90 million dollars were spent by all the nations involved in this war. After the war, prices in many countries rose sharply, giving rise to profiteering and plagiarism. At the same time, unemployment also increased.

Partition of Germany – After the defeat of Germany in this war, it was divided by the Allies into two parts – East Germany and the birth of West Germany. East Germany was occupied by Russia, Jarwa: West Germany was dominated by America, France, and England.

End of FascismFascism came to an end in Italy as a major result of World War II. Democracy was established there. He had to pay huge economic consequences in the form of compensation for the horrific war destruction and genocide. Germany’s partition of Italy, African colonies, its rights were taken away by the end of Fascism.

The creation of two factions and the birth of the Cold War – After the competition in the manufacture of weapons and weapons of the Second World War, many nations of the world were divided into two factions, the establishment of the United Nations – Capitalist and – Communist. America was the leader of the capitalist countries, while the leadership of the communist countries was in the hands of Russia. Although both America and Russia fought together against Germany in World War II, due to the spread of communism after the war, serious differences arose between America and Russia. Concerned with the growing power of Russia, America, and some other nations formed military factions called NATO, SITO, and SENTO.

Bones in the manufacture of weapons – After the Second World War, a new era of nuclear weapons manufacturing started. Countries like America, Russia, France, England, etc. engaged in manufacturing destructive weapons to strengthen their security. The increasing competition for the manufacture of weapons again started spreading tension in the international arena, due to which the world was in the grip of the ‘Cold War’.

Establishment of the United Nations – Seeing the destruction of the Second World War, various nations joined the United Nations on October 24, 1945, to prevent future wars, peacefully resolving international disputes, and establishing cooperation and friendship in the world. Established an international organization called ‘Sangh’. This organization is still striving for peace in the world and the safety of mankind.

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